On February 2nd, the groundhog saw his shadow and announced six more weeks of winter – and was he ever right! Snow accumulations have been around ten inches and temperatures below zero. We have experienced wind chill readings to -15. I would consider that “bitter” cold – it’s the kind that when you step outside the wind cuts right through you and makes your teeth chatter. Hypothermia is a real danger when temperatures and wind chills reach these levels.
Now imagine living in a house with little or no heat and inadequate clothing to stay warm. Try to comprehend what it would be like to sleep on a mattress on the floor of that cold house because there’s no bed. Spend a moment reflecting on the concern about where your next meal will come from and the reality that whatever it is will probably not be hot. Those are realities for many children.
New Pathways is rescuing children out of these dangerous conditions and providing a safe home, a warm bed, three hot meals daily, and all the other needs of our children to keep them secure. Your gifts to our ministry help us provide these important basic needs but more importantly your support allows our children the opportunity to hear the story of Jesus. It may be cold outside, but our children are living in the warmth of God’s love.

~ Ricky