Most days I try to glance at the news just to stay aware of what’s happening across the nation and particularly in Kentucky. I scan several national and local news outlets on the internet and then read the stories where the headline catches my attention. Recently while perusing the local TV website I spotted this headline, “More KY kids being removed for abuse or neglect.” The article (dated June 17, 2015) reports that the number of children removed from their homes in Kentucky because of neglect or abuse is currently 8,208 – “the highest in memory for child advocates who find the increase alarming.” Some of the reasons cited in the story for the increase are drug abuse, domestic violence, and poverty.
All of these and other factors negatively affect children, but I believe these are symptoms of a much larger issue – the breakdown of the family – and the family in our culture is in crisis because we no longer follow the designer’s instructions. Think about it for a minute. Your car comes with an owner’s manual to explain how to get the best performance out of the vehicle. Your TV, washing machine, clothes dryer, computer, and smart phone all come with a guide to get you started and make sure they work as intended. Even the trees and shrubs you buy to plant in your yard have planting and care details for the best results.
Many people in our culture have abandoned the guidelines for successful living, ignoring the instructions of our Creator and expecting the product to work. It’s not happening and it won’t happen until men and women begin living according to the standard of God’s holiness and righteousness! God’s vision is a home where husband and wife are committed to him and one another and where children are loved, nurtured, and trained to live godly lives by both parents.
Kentucky absolutely faces a crisis of children suffering from neglect and abuse. Sadly the numbers only scratch the surface because many children suffer that are never reported. The problem will only get worse until the breakdown of the moral and spiritual fabric of families is seriously addressed and the family can’t be improved until individuals are challenged to higher living. Talking about sexual promiscuity, absent fathers, drug abuse, domestic violence, poverty, and then throwing money at the problem has not improved the plight of thousands of children. Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing expecting different results. The lives of many children will never improve until the adults around them start making better choices, choices that reflect a serious following of God’s plan. Our mission at New Pathways is founded on spiritual values and each day we work with children and families to instill these principles to bring hope and healing to broken lives.

Ricky Burse

Executive Director