Have you ever had one of those experiences where you hear or read something that just rips your heart out? Over many years of ministry in churches that would occasionally happen but since I’ve been at New Pathways it seems they occur more frequently. Most people are really oblivious to the plight of children in our country and in our part of Western Kentucky. The present time is not child friendly.
Recently, I came across this note that was written by a foster child about their wishes for the way things would be in their family. You will notice many of them are basic needs such as food, clothes, heat and air, a coat, and a toothbrush; others are little joys like toys, games, and a pet; but the most profound is a place where they feel safe, secure, won’t be hurt, and are loved.
At New Pathways for Children we see the reality of children living in these circumstances and work to rescue some of them from these situations. We provide a loving home where they are safe and all their needs are met. With your help we are able to reach and rescue more children to give them the opportunity to live in the kind of home they want!

Letter from Child