Recently I had to run a few errands in Paducah and as I often do I took one of the children with me. These times give me an opportunity to spend time with a child and do something special with them. While we were driving we passed a business with an electronic sign and the boy in the back seat exclaimed, “Mr. Ricky, did you see that? It was a cross.” I acknowledged that I had seen it and asked him, “What’s important about the cross?” He paused briefly and then said, “Jesus died on the cross!” I affirmed that he was correct and we talked for a few minutes about Jesus and the importance of his life, death, and resurrection.

We continued on to the post office, to the store to pick up some fishing gear, and then to lunch and ice cream but I couldn’t get our earlier conversation out of my mind. Moral and spiritual values are the foundation of our program at New Pathways. Our children are in Bible classes, attending worship services, reading the Bible or having it read to them, participating in VBS, attending church camp, and regularly being immersed in Christian teaching. This day was so encouraging because I realized again that our children are getting it! They are learning the story of Jesus and why it’s important and they are learning it early and it’s making an impact. Did I mention that Emmanuel is just six years old?